Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Test Thread

Many participants of this blog, as well as the Cumbey blog have reported variant issues regarding posting. This thread is a experiment to try to understand the nature of these errors. If one wishes to participate, I ask that any posts made on the Cumbey blog be copied into the comment section of this thread. If one encounters a error in either place, please report the nature of the error, time, and date here. Please understand that this thread is simply for experimental purposes only, to see what differences posters may have across the blogs, how programs may be effecting posting etc. I will be logging these reports over the coming two weeks, and will report results as well as the controls used for this experiment on both blogs at it's conclusion. This thread is strictly for the purpose of this experiment, if one wishes to comment or have a general conversation about other matters, please use the previous thread for such.