Friday, February 26, 2010

Traceability in a Sustainable World

A look into the very real RFID agenda ensnaring the earth

Part 2: Politics, Pilot Projects, and the Banker to the Poor

In Part 1, I introduced you to GS1. A United Nations sanctioned not for profit organization with an intent to tag every thing with RFID technology. In this article I will expand on GS1, as well as introduce you to pilot projects, organizations, and people working to implement this agenda. This article will give readers a introduction to the cashless society, as well as the groups and people behind it. To fully understand this portion of the agenda, a brief review of some history is necessary. Many reading this will be familiar with the Earth Charter. This document more than any other helped lay the foundation of the Green movement. It was the base upon which the Kyoto Protocols and the failed Copenhagen Climate Summit were built. It has been well reported that Maurice Strong was instrumental in the founding of this document. What is not as well known to many are the signatories or drafting committee for this document. The drafting committee, which was hand selected by Mr. Strong and his friends, was chaired by Steven C. Rockefeller. It's signatories include notable names such as Federico Mayor, Mikhail Gorbachev, Muhammad Yunus, and Al Gore.

Yunus is a interesting fellow. A former Elder, in 2009 he resigned his position with the group, citing an inability to uphold his commitment to the group due to his work. The same work that has earned him the moniker of banker to the poor, the same work that brought him notable mention as part of the "Group of 12 doing the great work" during World Invocation Day 2008. Yunus is also listed as a ambassador for Lucis Trust's World Goodwill. This is the same World Goodwill currently listed as a Non Governmental Liaison to the United Nations. To his resume, Yunus can also add Nobel Laureate and card carrying member of the Clinton Global Initiative. So what is the work that has brought Yunus such connections?

In the 1970's Yunus was the pioneer of microcredit, a open ended financial structure used to provide people in impoverished countries with funding for small businesses, life sustaining needs, and infrastructure projects for those poor nations. These loans are provided to groups of people or nations as opposed to individuals. The individuals within the groups are then accountable to the whole of the group. If a single individual within the group fails to make their allotted payment portion, the group as a whole is cut off from the provided line of credit. These lines of credit can continue to be borrowed against indefinitely, which simply extends the pay off date for the group. In 1997 Yunus partnered with Lisa C. Billingsley, L. John Doerr, and Steven C. Rockefeller Jr to form Grameen Foundation. Grameen and its numerous subsidiaries are United Nations sanctioned not for profit organizations providing microcredit loans around the world. It is through this organization that many aspects of this agenda will come into focus. To get an idea of the pull that this organization has, let us first briefly examine the remaining founders.

L. John Doerr is a very prominent man in financial circles. He has managed capital funding for Intel, Intuit, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, Netscape, Amazon, and Google. Doerr has also participated in the World Economic Forum. Forbes has estimated Doerr's net worth as over $1 billion. In 2008, Doerr and Steve Jobs announced the founding of a $100 million iFund for the development of technology associated with the iPhone. Together they proclaimed the iPhone as the future of computers, while Doerr proudly proclaimed it as the beginning of a new world order. Doerr is also a partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, & Byers, an investment firm whose interests include green technologies, RFID, health care, and projects working toward collaboration amongst these sectors. Doerr also currently sits on President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Programs like Cash for Clunkers, the Stimulus Package, as well as every other major economic policy put forth by the current administration can be directly attributed to Doerr's influence.

Much like Yunus and Doerr, Steven C. Rockefeller Jr is a man who wears many hats. As a member of the infamous Rockefeller clan, Steven Jr proudly serves as a member of the Rockefeller Foundation, a group that has been tied with many New Age projects. Maurice Strong was a trustee for this group before his extended vacation to China. Another of Steven Jr's many roles includes his seat on the advisory board for Sparta Commercial Services, the nations leading power sports financier. There have been many financial deals made via this group that have benifited the RFID industry, but for the sake of space in this article, I will reserve exploring these for a future piece. Steven Jr also serves on the board of Soros Economic Development Fund. Through this fund Steven Jr along with George Soros have funneled huge sums of money into this agenda. I will be exploring these investments in depth in a upcoming article dedicated strictly to the funding of this system.

One of the most notable of his many job titles is as the head of an advisory board for a company named CEO America. This company operates as the parent company to two different yet equally important companies in this agenda. The first is a company named Carbon Creditz. What they sell is exactly what their name suggests. However it is how they operate that should be of interest to readers, as Carbon Creditz operates in conjunction with CEO America's other company to sell their carbon offsets. The second company I am referencing is named Creditz. Creditz bills itself as the world's first digital currency system. In addition to the cross operations between Creditz and Carbon Creditz, Creditz also operates in conjunction with Grameen and its subsidiaries as the preferred repayment system for the microcredit loans Grameen provides. What has become of particular interest to this researcher is the interoperability between this digital currency system and RFID technology, as Creditz promotes customers who choose to do business via RFID to a higher standing than other customers. They refer to this as their Loyalty Payment System. CEO America has also signed some very lucrative marketing and development deals with Applied Digital Solutions through its subsidiaries of Verichip, Verifone, and Veripay. One should also take note that during the development of the Creditz and Carbon Creditz systems, companies like Verichip, IBM, Microsoft, Merryl Lynch, and Deutsche Bank among others, were tapped for funding and development of the system.

Now that we have established an understanding of these groups, you may be wondering how this is relevant to the coming global governance or the subject of my first article, GS1. Grameen and its members are active participants with Advocates for International Development, a not for profit advocacy group whose sole purpose is promotion and implementation of the United Nations: Millennium Development Goals. A4ID also partnered with groups such as Brookings Institute, Save the Children, World Trade Organization, and World Health Organization to help in their advancement of the Millennium Development Goals, the same goals that are the basis for all international sustainable development projects including Agenda 21, a model that includes massive depopulation goals as well as massive land seizures under the guise of sustainable development. Which brings us back to GS1. How might a impoverished nation go about implementing GS1 Standards when said nation does not have the funds to update it's infrastructure to meet them? The answer is GS1 partner organizations within said countries who take out microcredit loans from Grameen to fund the new infrastructure. This is already happening in impoverished nations like Indonesia, Cambodia, many Latin American nations, Singapore and Bangladesh just to name a few.

Now that readers have a better idea of what this system looks like and how it is being implemented through out the world. We can go forward in future articles and explore connections to United States elected officials, major corporations, the funding behind the system and much more. As always questions and discussion of the material presented here is encouraged. Again, special thanks go out to Susanna for her continued help in this project. There is still a lot of material to cover in future articles. So stay tuned!


  1. Just started reading and you've packed a lot into a small space, excellant job and a big THANK YOU.

    I have passed it on to others.

  2. Interesting, now have a bit better grasp of microfinancing...

  3. GREAT JOB putting this all together, JD. I have also been passing it on to others.

  4. Anon 2:41,

    My hope has been to present a condensed, easy to understand, description of the over all agenda. Laying a foundation that I can come back and build onto later. There is far more to come! Thank you for sharing this with others.


    Thanks, for both the compliment and for passing it along.

  5. Barack Obama's (Ann Dunham)mother specialized in micro financing under the direction of Tim Geithner's (Peter) father and the Ford Foundation:

  6. Anon 3:50,

    Thanks for posting that piece. This portion of the subject I want to cover more in depth in another piece. As there a lot of influential names involved. It is actually a topic touched on in part 3. I also show Barack's current relationship with microcredit lenders.

  7. Wow! I see more and more everyday just how true it is that "the love of money is the root of all evil"! It always comes down to following the money, doesn't it? I have long ago come to the conclusion that in order to become a billionaire requires that one sells their soul. Is there any billionaire without ties to the new age or power elites in some way or fashion?

  8. Brian, that is well said. This coming new world order is going to be a real boon for for those billionaires. I wonder if all those bailouts had a lot to do with all this.

  9. JD,
    Congratulations on providing a framework of understanding to us all, of a very complicated, covert, evil agenda. for those who know someting is wrong in the world but just can't get to the overall understanding of what that is, you are providing a valuable expose of what it is. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    I have a book that I think you will find very interesting, and valuable in your research. I'd like to get a copy of it to you. It's at the publishers and not available yet, but, I have an advance order for some copies of it. I know the author and have read the preprint manuscript of it, and can assure you you will find it full of valuable information. Please email me so I can establish a contact link with you so I can get this to you when it becomes available.


  10. David, Brian,

    Following the money did lead to a lot of this information. Some of it was having a understanding of how these spheres of power operate. Thanks for the compliments.


    I don't have a email for you. You can contact me at the address provided in my profile.

  11. HK,

    I would like to get my hands on that book you mention as well.


  12. Constance,

    I already have you on my list for a copy of the book and will send your copy the same day I send JD's.


    My email addy is


  13. HK,

    Thanks, I have sent you an email.

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  15. RFID will be marketed as the only way to overcome the "structural impediments" that inhibit the fair and equitable distribution of food.

    "Within a rights-based framework, the right to food and design of a supporting social system is not perceived as the privilege of the few, but is recognised as the right of all. States and international agencies are obligated to respect, protect and fulfill the right to food. These responsibilities include the obligation to ensure that no violations of rights occur, that private actors are controlled as necessary, and that states and other actors cooperate internationally to address structural impediments to fulfilling the right to food."

    [2009 Raj Patel, pg 697- “What Would Food Sovereignty Look Like?”, Journal of Peasant Studies, 36(3), 663-706]


  16. omots,

    Thanks for posting the Patel excerpt. It really does encapsulate some of the ideals and principles at work. My jury is still out as to whether he is Benny's boy, but Raj sure does have the thought process down. I agree that RFID is being marketed (current tense) as the way to over come structural impediments to what they call social justice. I also see this as why it is important for me to use this forum as rebuttal against the ideologies at work within the sustainable development-social justice crowd.

  17. This is one CREEPY headline, they are beginning to condition the public!!

    One In Four Germans Wants Microchip Under Skin

    It sounds like something from a sci-fi film, but one in four Germans would be happy to have a microchip implanted in their body if they derived concrete benefits from it.

    The survey, conducted by German IT industry lobby group BITKOM, was intended to show how the division between real life and the virtual world is increasingly coming down.

    In all, 23 per cent of around 1000 respondents in the survey said they would be prepared to have a chip inserted under their skin "for certain benefits".

    read full article here:

  18. Yes, JD, the thought process IS a perfect match. Not that I want to steal your thunder, but as you've probably already uncovered in your own research, the whole idea of RFID ties in nicely with many other Patel supported ideas, including Basic Income Grants.

    I'm sure we're going to hear more about this particular "solution" after the true extent of the global financial collapse becomes evident.


  19. omots,

    I agree, I believe we may be in the begining stages of another period of economic free fall. Many of the indicators are starting to show, such as the current massive fluctuations within the stock market. Such as the economic troubles within the EU. Just today as I was watching CNN, I could not believe the massive amounts of commercials for what is essentialy the system I am writing about. One example is Visa's digital currency system, another is GE's commercial for their digital medical records system. All of this is converging FAST!!! Spring and summer are going to get interesting.

  20. Huffington post "tech" section has an article on "Skinput" a way to use your body as a computer. It uses a chip that is velcroed to your arm. Also if you google "RFID toys" you will see there are at home kits to inject the chips in your hand and show you what you can do with it!!
    By the way the huff post new "religion" section is very eye opening.

  21. Anon 11.32

    Considering Huffington's personal connections this isn't suprising. This sounds like another conditioning tool. Along the same lines of the youth in Russia and other nations getting paid to tatoo advertisements on their foreheads. I could go on and on about the ways the people have been conditioned to accept this, but for those paying attention it should be fairly obvious by now. A belief structure has been successfully promoted to this decision making generation, now a form of identification is being promoted to show ones support of the same belief structure.The question becomes, will people realize which nations and organizations are the culprits before it is too late for them, or will they continue to cling to a false idea of nationalism or global citizenry so as not to disrupt their comfortable existence? We are told that at some point all will realize the err of this system. I am praying that many come to this conclusion before the final trumpet.


  23. Dawn,

    Yet another example of the justification that will be used to implement this system. Thanks for sharing this. In relation, I could not help but notice that there is now a full on push to get health care reform in some way, shape or form passed. As I have stated and was echoed by the media pundits today, the crux has been not the benefits that might come from reform, but the commitees and new streams of data that would be created with the reform that has thus far been pushed. I suspect this will not change if they finally get a bill all can agree on. That is if they don't bully through some form of one of the existing bills.

  24. Hi JD,

    Excellent article. However, I'd like to point out that Singapore is NOT an improverished nation. One of the few nations which is very high-tech and in Asia, on par with Hong Kong and Japan.

    Maybe you meant, Malaysia? Singapore is directly below Malaysia and some people mistake it for Malaysia, but they are two separate countries. Just like USA and Canada are not the same country.

  25. Sharon,

    While true that the GDP of the nation is on average, or that the average income rate is on par with much of the developed world, there is a divorce between the numbers and the average citizen. There is a large percentage that are living below minimal standards and many are going hungry. While reports always show gleaming buildings and tout annual incomes, little is ever said about the compulsory deductions or what the actual bring home is in comparison.

    So to answer your correction, no the nation is not impoverished, that you are correct on, but many of it's people are.