Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Traceability in a Sustainable World

A look into the very real RFID agenda ensnaring the earth

Part 3B: Is the current political climate getting under your skin?

In the three previous articles of this series I have covered numerous topics, from global traceability, microcredit, and the cashless society, to the role of the George W. Bush administration in bringing this agenda to fruition. In this article I will cover the current administration and it's members past and present involvement in this agenda. Since the posting of my last article, the Senate Healthcare Reform Bill written about in part 1 and part 3A, has been passed by Congress, and signed into law by President Obama. It is my hope that by the end of this series, readers will have a better understanding of why such deceitful tactics were used to get this bill passed and signed into law and why it's opponents are now being vilified by the administration and the media pundits. It must be stated from the onset, that the roles of the key members of this administration in the advancement of this agenda, predate the election of 2008. As such I will be moving from person to person showing their previous connections, then coming back to the collective whole of the administration and showing post election advancement of this agenda of traceability and information integration moving us into a cashless society.

Mother of President Barack Obama, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro's involvement with microcredit is well documented. Muhammad Yunus has often spoken kindly of her work in this field, even referring to Barack as a "son of microcredit". Much of her work in Indonesia would happen while she was employed by the Ford Foundation. What is not as well known to many is that it would be Peter Geithner, father of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who would oversee the microcredit institutions Dunham was creating, as he was a program manager for Ford Foundation. The same Ford Foundation that would later help Yunus launch Grameen Bank. Peter would also serve as a consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation, which as referenced in Part 2 of this series would have it's own role to play. Dunham would continue to advocate for and build microcredit through out her life. It was this cause that in the 90's would lead her on a search for a recognizable face to advocate for microcredit. She would find just such a person in Hillary Rodham Clinton. As First lady, Clinton would be in a good position to advocate for the advancement of microcredit, while few would ever question the viability of the lending, or her motives for such strong advocacy. She would travel the world as a ambassador of both the United States and microcredit, helping nations like Jordan, Nepal, Kenya, and others develop microcredit programs, all at great expense of US taxpayers. Clinton would then help to bring microcredit to the United States, and has since stood as a staunch supporter of Grameen America.

As a member of the United States Senate, Joe Biden would also champion microcredit as a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations. As a member of this committee, then Senator Biden would facilitate the use of microcredit for foreign aid. Examples of Joe Biden's promotion of microcredit while a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations include the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2003, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2004, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2007 Vol I, Annual Report on International Religious Freedom 2004, Annual Report on International Religious Freedom 2005, Annual Report on International Religious Freedom 2006, Annual Report on International Religious Freedom 2007 and this list barely scratches the surface! Joe would hardly be alone in his mission though, as in the Annual Report for International Religious Freedom 2005 and the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2007 Vol I, he would be joined by then Illinois Representative and future President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

As will be demonstrated below, Joe Biden's role in the advancement of this system is not simply in the promotion of microcredit. Many by now are familiar with Biden's questioning of John Roberts, during Roberts' 2005 Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing. For those not familiar, during Day One of Roberts' confirmation hearing Biden's line of questioning turned to the Constitution. It was during this line of questioning, that perhaps the single most infamous quote pertaining to micro chipping humans, was uttered by someone holding a public office.

BIDEN: "And we'll be faced with equally consequential decisions in the 21st century.

Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement? There's actual discussion about that. You will rule on that -- mark my words -- before your tenure is over. Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person's inclined toward criminality or violent behavior?

You will rule on that." Most would stop here regarding Biden's line of questioning, but in the sake of fairness, and to qualify exactly where Joe was coming from, I would like to add his follow up statement.

"And, Judge, I need to know whether you will be a justice who believes that the constitutional journey must continue to speak to these consequential decisions or that we've gone far enough in protecting against government intrusion into our autonomy into the most personal decisions we make. Judge, that's why this is a critical moment. There are elected officials in this government, such as Mr. DeLay -- a fine, honorable, patriotic man -- and others who have been unsuccessful at implementing their agenda in the elected branches. So they have now poured their energy -- as the left would, if it were different -- and now poured their energies and resources into trying to change the court's view of the Constitution."

Here we see that in full and proper context, Biden never speaks to whether he actually supports or is against human micro chipping. His only firm position in this case is that changes to views of the Constitution would be required to answer such a question, which he is certain will happen. This is actually a very slick way to be able to ask such questions, without getting one's self caught in a verbal snare. To properly identify what Joe Biden's actual position on human micro chipping may be, we will need to take a deeper look at his personal and professional relationships and what if any relevance they have to the topic. I will start my exploration with Joe's immediate family. Joe's son R. Hunter Biden would team with William C. Oldaker, Joe's friend and fundraiser, to found lobbying firm Oldaker, Biden, & Belair. In 2005, Verichip would hire this firm to lobby in Washington on it's behalf. At this same point in time, Verichip would also hire DCI Group as part of it's Washington team. DCI Group co-founder Doug Davenport also happens to have a working relationship with R. Hunter Biden.

Hunter would also join forces with his uncle, James Biden and James Park to form a investment firm known as Paradigm Global Advisors. Paradigm Global would in turn partner with Stanford Financial Group to operate a hedge fund that invested heavily in multiple RFID developers. This fund would come unraveled when the Security and Exchange Commission accused R. Allen Stanford and three of his companies of running a $8 Billion fraud against investors. Hunter and James, who were involved with the companies in question would walk away from the ordeal unscathed. As a lobbyist, Hunter would continue to use connections within then Senator Obama's office to advance his business. It would not be until late in the Obama/Biden Election campaign that Hunter would resign as a Federal lobbyist, in a attempt to shield the running mates from political fall out.

Remember Tommy Thompson, former Bush administration Secretary of Health and Human Services, turned Verichip board member, turned partner for Akin, Gump, Strauss, & Feld? Did I mention that said firms founder Robert S. Strauss is a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and has a previous history with both Barack Obama and Joe Biden? Tony Blinken a "right hand man" to Joe Biden during his tenure on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, was also a governing board member for The Robert S. Strauss Center. The Strauss Center itself being a ardent supporter of microcredit. Barack Obama's friend Vernon Jordan, director of American Friends of Bilderberg, Honorary Trustee at Brookings Institute, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, is also employed as legal council for Akin, Gump, Strauss, & Feld. Vernon Jordan is also a director for Express Pay, a RFID enabled contactless payment system for American Express. Lazard Freres & Co, a investment firm where Jordan has been Senior Managing Director since 2000, has hosted conferences on the advancement of RFID through investment. Is your head spinning yet? All of these pieces up to this point could be considered coincidental on their own and even some when taken together could be dismissed as such. However as we go forward in this article and discuss the appointments of cabinet members, speeches given, and policies put forth, a clear cut agenda will become evident.

Post election, Barack Obama and Joe Biden would set themselves to the task of crafting their administration. It would be during this process that the first signs of a agenda would begin to show. First, there is the appointment of James B. Steinberg as Deputy Secretary of State. As Director of Foreign Policy Studies at Brookings Institute, he would author papers advocating the creation of integrated information systems where private industry would create networks to be over seen by government monitors in the name of Homeland Security. In such he would advocate for changes to privacy protection laws to allow for such a system. Examples of such papers include Building an Effective, Sustainable Partnership Between the Government and the Private Sector: Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age, Protecting America's Freedom in the Information Age, and Information Exchange between the Public and Private Sector for Homeland Security. Many more examples of such can be read on Brookings Institute's web site. Also one would be wise to take note of the papers authored by Steinberg advocating the integration of European Union and United States military and economic practices.

Jacob Lew would be appointed as Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources. From February 1993 to 1994, Lew served as Special Assistant to the President under President Clinton. Lew was responsible for policy development and the drafting of the national service initiative (Americorps) and health care reform legislation. In 2006 Lew would become Citi Group's Chief Operating Officer for their Alternative Investment division. It is this division of Citi that is responsible for their microcredit loans.

Thomas E. Donilon would be appointed Deputy National Security Advisor. Former Fannie Mae lobbyist, Director for American Friends of Bilderberg, and Trustee for Brookings Institute, he would sit on the council for Opportunity '08, a think tank chaired by Strobe Talbott that would be designed to tackle issues pertaining to America's "ability to lead in the next phase of the evolution of the international system". This think tank would promote the ideas of microcredit, integrated technology systems, comprehensive climate legislation, health care reform, and nuclear non-proliferation as keys to America's role as a leader in this international system.

Tony Blinken, who was mentioned previously in this article, would be appointed National Security Advisor to the Vice President of the United States. Blinken having been a governing board member for the Robert R. Strauss Center has been exposed to all facets of this agenda and is a staunch supporter of integration and globalization.

Maria Otero would be sworn in as United States Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs. Otero was president and CEO of Accion International, one of the worlds largest microfinance providers. In 2006 Otero was appointed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to the UN Advisors Group on Inclusive Financial Sectors. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and through such has promoted the advancement of microcredit. Otero also served for five years at the Center for Development and Population Activities(CDPA), a group working toward population control through family planning and sustainable development. CDPA also happens to be supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the United Nations Development Programme.

Jose W. Fernandez would be appointed Assistant Secretary of Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs. Fernandez is a former director for Accion International. Fernandez is also former director for David Rockefeller's Council of the Americas, a group that advocates for economic integration among the continents of America. Fernandez is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has used his membership to advocate both integration of the Americas and microcredit.

Robert Hormats would be sworn in as Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs. Hormats was formerly Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs. He was a senior staff member for International Economic Affairs on the National Security Council, where he served as economic adviser to Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Hormats is involved with microcredit projects along side Muhammad Yunus and Shimon Peres. As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Hormats advocates for open markets and global economic integration. He is a member of the Trilateral Commission and guest scholar for Brookings Institute.

Now that readers have a clear picture of some of these appointments, and how their expertise directly reflects the agenda that has been discussed in this series, I can begin to pull together pieces and show how these ideals have been put into practice. Post inauguration, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State would become Chair of the Board of Directors for Millennium Challenge Corporation(MCC). As Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner would become Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for MCC. MCC is a United States Foreign Aid Agency woking toward the advancement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals(MDG). One way MCC will work with foreign countries to help implement the MDGs is through the use of compacts. A compact is a agreement between the United States, a foreign nation, and a non governmental organization(NGO), such as the Rockefeller Foundation or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where monetary aid is agreed to be given with the precondition that it must be used toward implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. Compacts can be set up for the development of microcredit programs, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Grids, Family Planning, or other projects associated with Sustainable Development. To date MCC has agreements with over 30 countries, and has spent over $7 Billion on these compacts.

In October 2009 President Obama would begin his push for Smart Grids domestically, promising $3.4 Billion for the implementation of a national system. The promotion of integrated information systems would continue through the promotion of Health Care Information Technology, which he would get with the passing of Health Care Reform mentioned in previous parts of this series. By February 2010, the President had allocated nearly $1 Billion dollars of the 2011 budget for National Institute of Standards and Technology to further develop integrated information systems. By April 2010 the administration would already have it's eye on traceability in the food industry. Meanwhile GS1 has their "Sunrise Date", or day that systems will be completely operational, for both the Supermarket Industry and Health Care Industry set at January 1, 2011.

Not to be outdone, the State Department would take this agenda on the road. Partnering with global sponsors, Citi, GE, Chevron, Pepsico, and Johnson & Johnson to hold the USA Pavilion 2010 during the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Topics promoted by the United States include Information Capture Technology, Biometrics, Unity in Diversity, Cultural Pluralism, Sustainable Development, and the building of microcredit programs in the United States and abroad.

Given the thorough documentation provided within this article, one can easily see the distinct agenda at work. I have documented in my previous pieces how this agenda is not one of desire simply by members of this administration, or even strictly limited to the United States. As I have documented, this agenda from it's very beginning has come straight from the halls of the United Nations. From Sustainable Development to NGO implementation, this entire system is about control at the global level. Due to the length of this article, there were issues such as economic integration that I was unable to cover, I will be coming back to these soon. There are also relative pieces that due to length I have decided to post in my comments section for this post. I have decided for my next piece to breakdown this system into simple explanations, expose the lies that it is packaged in, and show the full belief system associated with it. Thanks, as always to my partners in this project, and to those who have shown support for it.


  1. Bravo, JD!!! Excellent article!

  2. JD:

    Thanks for the deep research. I appreciate the incredible skill and amount of time required to identify and document these links and agendas. I will read through the post again.

    I look forward to your comments on this new post. As one who broadly follows many current issues, I often don't have the depth on specific issues to connect the dots or to create a summary that I can get my head around, so I am looking forward to watching the comments section.

    Dave in CA

  3. Susanna,

    Thank you very much! While you have left it to me to present the information, you are as much responsible for the content, so thank you!

  4. Dave,

    Thanks and you're welcome. The comments section on this one may get interesting, as the current administration is a divisive issue. Connecting the dots on this has become pretty easy in all honesty, since we have come to recognize what to look for. Once we had some general ideas the task really became cross referencing what we were seeing with what was already known about from the work of others who came before us. Beyond that is a willingness to read what ever you can find on a subject, and then cross reference that.

    Susanna is particularly good at finding resource material, so a lot needs to be said for her skills. I also believe we were both blessed with a ability to not be overcome by massive amounts of information, and good recall to identify trends and connecting information.

    We still have a lot to yet be presented. Believe it or not with everything contained in the series thus far, I still feel like I am spoon feeding it to people in small portions. My biggest challenge has been not to talk so far ahead of where I am writing that people don't understand or zone out from info overload.

    With all of this it has become a little more difficult to follow other issues as closely on my own. Thankfully many are watching other areas so I have sources to rely on for other developments.

  5. Wow! This is my first post. But I have been waiting and waiting for this one to come out. Great job JD and Susanna! Now just trying to sumarize and boil it all down into bit size pieces. How can we utilize this information? If only the people will have eyes to see and ears to hear. -Jeff

  6. Jeff,

    Thank you so much for the vote of confidence. I have found the most useful way is to introduce people to the information incrementally. Much like the way I have laid out these articles. While there is a lot of info contained within them, it is fractional in comparison to what we have uncovered and what is yet to come. Most people understand a level of change to their way of life is around the corner, but what that is they are clueless about.

    It is pretty easy to start small with these subjects, show others what you have learned here in small pieces. The daily news gives us ample opportunity to bring the subjects up. This is how I have handled my everyday conversations with people I wished to inform. By giving them a little more than what they hear about in the news, they become intrigued. They then hear more from the media, sometimes on unrelated stories and questions form. Sometimes they are capable of seeing how different things are relative without you having to point it out. Once you know they are fully intrigued, feed them larger points, send them these articles, direct them here.

    If you know of other places to put this information up, feel free to do so. All I ask is that you give proper credit to where it came from and direct others back here. I only ask this so that if someone else comes upon it and they have questions or a desire to learn more beyond what I have already provided, they have the ability to get it from us.

    A lot more eyes have seen this information than the comment section reflects, so I know it is getting out there. That being said, a lot more still need to see it, so any help is thoroughly appreciated.

  7. I thought I would share something interesting. On July 8, 2010 this blog saw the highest visitor count ever in it's short history. While this may not mean something to most, on that very day my beautiful little girl was born. That means that while I was busy praying and coaching my wife through the greatest blessing we have ever known, more eyes saw the work done here than on any other day, adding yet another blessing for me on that day.

  8. JD and Susanna you work is very sobering and appreciated!
    I mentioned on CC's blog that it seems like our tracking is moveing more quickly each work requires biometric data - a finger print to clock in and out, and I know that time clocks at other workplaces have the capability for biometric data set in them. Also I recently went to a sports event at Orlando's ESPN Wide World of Sports and a finger print was required to enter - to connect your entrance pass to you. How long they store that info or with whom they will share it who knows? I don't know whether the other Disney parks also required that info.

    Things seem to be moving quickly...

    Congradulations on your family being blessed with a newborn baby!

    Another Texan

  9. For those interested, Farmer has an article summarizing a book about the myth of micro-credit being a boon to the third world.

  10. Found this over at Washington's blog and thought it was interesting. Thanks for all the research you've done here, JD.


  11. Hopper,

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I don't think that the Bancor that is being talked about will be the final shape of the system. What is being discussed in high level groups resembles more of what has been called the Tierra Reserve System with a few modifications. It is on a whole being referred to as the Phoenix Economy, as it incorporates a new reserve model (similar to the Tierra), Social Business, Social Lending (microcredit), and full traceability infrastructure.

    I am putting together a piece on the subject that i hope to have up soon. I would also like to thank everyone for their patience in between my pieces. My little girl is taking most of my focus right now, and since she is my first I am still trying to adjust. I do promise that this next piece will be worth the wait.

  12. HI J.D
    Just came across this article. You have probably already read it.

    God bless

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